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January 10th, 2015

Hey All. New Video in the wake of the terrorist action in Paris:


If you'd like to support the artist (me) and get a great CD/download in the process, "Another Mother Flood" can be found on The Better Man. I'd like to keep making videos that might have an impact.  Buy Here. 

Dec 31st:

Hey.  So don't get used to this, but here's a sweet one that Neale Eckstein put together for us.  Three guys, one mic, one piano track, one Bruce Springstein song.  With Matt Nakoa and Jared Salvatore and myself on  vocals, Matt on Piano, me on bass. Shot/Mixed/Recorded by Neale.


Listen, really sorry about this one.  I just don't like being told what's ok to write/say/sing by the leader of North Korea or anyone else. Here's to the Dear Leader, or whatever he's calling himself.  Shot with some dear friends who inexplicably agreed to say what I asked them to.  I can't tell you why.  I am, however, very grateful.



August 16th 2014

Hey!  So, I'm taking pre-orders for The Better Man at bandcamp

The Better Man's my new CD.  More music, fewer genitalia references.

Brian Keathley, DJ at KALX, Berkeley, says "This is by far his best work yet. A great collection of tunes with humor, and social commentary - some of which is damn profound. Be listening for it this week and beyond on my radio shows!"

So head to the bandcamp site and do the deal. Officially, you're preordering the cd for future release when it "drops" but I'll send you a copy (or copies) or a download depending on what you purchase.

Oh, also, you get more bang for the buck if you download via bancdamp instead of iTunes. Both cost you $10 but via bandcamp I make an extra 2$. 



July 20th, 2014

Check out this fun little thing, recorded at Fox Run by the greatest human alive, Neale Eckstein, featuring Jagoda on Shuitar.


July 16th, 2014

Hey, just booked a show in Seattle on September 6th.  

See    for details.


I've been remiss.  Put a couple of little viddies out there and I thought you should know.



And then there's this little afterthought one day. Being able to write a song, record a video and put it out there, is an amazing opportunity. Look how I waste it.

July 12th, 2014

Well, been busy. Just booked some more gigs: Portland, OR July 24 and 25, LA July 29,30,31 and Aug 22, Seattle Sept. 6, Greensboro, NC Sept 19, 20. Details on

June 20th, 2014

OK, here's a little challenge for all all you SONGWRITERS out there.  Particularly you singer/songwriters.  Particularly you capo-wrangling Northeastern types who just can't seem to stick to standard. 

The song "DADGAD in Baghdad" needs to be written but a) I don't really play in DADGAD and b) I don't feel like learning. How 'bout you?  Write, record, and send me "a YouTube" of any serious attempt and I'll send you a copy of my brand new CD The Better Man when it's fresh off the presses.  I'll even throw in The Aristocrat.  And I'll feature the best right here on my site.

Hey, who knows?  You just might get a killer song out of it.


Oh, and sign up on my mailing list to be hipped to new songwriters' challenges as they come out.

June 10, 2014 

Brand New Video.  Share far and wide.  Campaign Finance, Citizens United, Money in Politics...

Click the box in the lower right hand corner to view screen. Click the gear to its left for the dropdown menu to view in high def.  Enjoy!


May 19th: 

Well, apart from an unfortunate blindsided-by-karaoke incident last night, I'm quite well, and thanks for asking.  

First of all, just released a video, which I'll post just below. 

Second of all, I'm about to release another one.  A big one.  With actors and gaffers and a location and all. Pretty psyched.  It looks good. But here's the one just BEFORE that one...shot at the Kerrville Folk Festival by Neale Eckstein.  And edited by...well, yours truly.  Or falsely, depending on how much bullshit I'm slinging on Facebook at any given moment...

Anyway, here's the video...


May 7th:

I, for one, am excited. I ask you...what could be a better day than today to start the remainder of your existence on this big, blue marble? Assuming you actually want to exist.  Not that you had much of a choice.  Unless you believe that "we choose our parents" malarkey. If you do, and I've just offended you, well, you have the rest of your life to walk it off.  Starting today! Now go and get 'em!  If you're more of the "well, they did it and I'm here. Now what?" school, then you have to find your own way under the weight of your ability to perceive how mind-blowingly minute and, therefore, insignificant we are.  Anais Nin said we make our own meaning.  So did Werner Erhard, of course, but he didn't have the cool name, or those hot, debauched nights in Paris. Far as I know. Though his absolute moral relativism would've left the floodgates of ecstasy with a very wide swinging potential, should he have chosen to push them. EST, come to think of it, could be simply the French form of East.  To distinguish it from Ouest, which translates directly as "Where is the East?".  And "Landmark Forum" and "Enroll" are two great things to say with a French accent (in English.) And Werner was all about sales, as evidenced by him having had the foresight to change his name from John Paul Rosenberg, which would have sounded like the ex-pope married into my mother's family.  I'm having a hard time imagining pape-non-plus (he's French now) wintering in Boca, barring a name change to Pope-a Raton, literally "Mouse's Pope," which would seem to imply a more diminutive pontiff, unless, well, they were talking about Micky Mouse, Disney World being in Florida and all, and, come to think of it, I wouldn't put it past the uber-happy ride-reich from owning their own celestial interceder.  And if the prospect of waiting in queue for an hour only to get onto an assembly line to hear "It's A Small World" drummed into your head until it can't be bleached from your silent, eternal tape loop doesn't evoke comparisons to religious indoctrination, well, you've been a bad, bad boy, and neither the pope, Mickey Mouse, Anais Nin, Henry Miller, Barney Miller, Barney Fife, or the composers of The Battle Hymn of the Republic (a sexist, noninclusive song title if I ever heard one) can help you. Leaving you, as I opined above, free to do what you can, what you want, for the rest of your life.  Huzzah.

April 26th:

Well, this happened on Easter Sunday in Salt Lake City, outside the American Atheists convention.  They were picketing, I was ornery.




First of all, Thanks to The Bob And Tom Show!  They've been spinning "There's A Picture" and I'm getting all sorts of downloads and fan contact.  How cool is that?  You can download the track (or the whole CD) at iTunes. You can also purchase an actual CD.

And February 25th, Tuesday, I'll be Live on the Bob and Tom show!

Ways to listen:

Web:  live on

Phone:download the iheart app on your smart phone and listen anywhere in the world on Q95,

Radio: list of stations -

Web Video: Join the Bob and Tom VIP club and watch the Live Streaming Video at


So, well, I could be all cheeky and try to dazzle you with meaningless diatribes, replete with vocabulary I learned ten minutes prior, but I'll leave that to my blog page.  Go there for that.

Here I'll just say hi. And post a few videos.  The first is from the Laugh Factory:

And now, 

some commercials I did recently for The Aristocrat.







Still here?  Check out some of the links to the left.  Enjoy. 

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